Cisco Wireless IP Phones: 7925 vs. 8821 | Part 3 | Design & Accessories

In this episode of TecTips, we compare the Cisco 7925 and 8821 IP phones. Today we're discussing difference in design, and the various accessories that come with each model.

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Becky: Now, what about the accessories for these phones? I see that we have different chargers and whatnot. Now, if someone bought a 7925, can they go and use those same chargers with the 8821?

David: Right. No, unfortunately they cannot. So the 8821 did come with a proprietary charger, where the 7925 did use one of the USB standards. So a lot of people have those older cables around, where the 8821 is more proprietary standard, as we can see. And then as far as accessories, we have some of the accessories. There's a ton of accessories for these devices, as you know as well from selling these different phones.

David: But, we have some of them out. The 8821 with the base station here. We got a leather sleeve that has the connectors so you can wear it on your belt clip. Just the phone snapping directly into a different type of belt clip. So, we have some different accessories here that we're showing off. But, to get a real full list of accessories that are available, is going to be the best bet to find that.

David: And same thing with the 7925s. We have the 7925G, and then we have the, I believe it's the EX model that was supposed to be allowed for a little bit more heavy duty rugged situations.

Becky: Durable. They're more durable.

David: Yeah, absolutely. There is an 8821EX model that is available on the website. We didn't have one available to show off today.

Becky: It's pretty new.

David: Yeah. It's brand new.

Becky: Yeah. I'm thinking these phones probably get dropped a lot. So maybe that helps out.

David: Oh, absolutely. A lot of times we see these out in maintenance departments, or shop floors, or any area that's getting beat up and these things need to be very durable.

Becky: Like hospitals with nurses.

David: Oh yeah, yeah.

Becky: You're running around.

David: Oh yeah. Dropping it off the side of the cart. Whatnot. Yeah. So these do need to be very rugged and durable, rubberized. One of the big things is the 7925 was Cisco's really first foray into wireless phones and really put it out there in the market. The 8821 is spill proof. It has a little bit more durability to it. And if you notice the letters on the buttons are actually underneath the keys on the 8821, versus the 7925 with the numbers being up on top of the button. And the key there is that with that being said, is that hospitals, like you mentioned, love to wipe down the phones for disinfecting and killing all those diseases and germs and everything. So, with the numbers being underneath the button, they don't actually wipe off.

Becky: That's a great idea, because we have seen that a lot where people are calling because the buttons are wearing off. And at first you're like, what? But, it makes sense.

David: Absolutely. Yeah. So that was one of the big design changes that Cisco made almost purely for that reason. Thanks for watching our video on the Cisco 7925 and 8821 wireless phones.

Becky: We can help with these models by buying and selling them. I'm Becky.

David: I'm David.

Becky: And this is TecTips.