Cisco Wireless IP Phones: 7925 vs. 8821 | Part 1 | Call Manager & Hybrid Cloud Solution

In this episode of TecTips, David and Becky compare the Cisco 7925 and 8821 IP phones. Today we're discussing what versions of call manager are supported on each phone, when to move to version 14 call manager, and cloud registration with a hybrid cloud solution.

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David: Hi, my name is David, senior systems engineer.

Becky: I'm Becky, voice product manager. And we're here to talk about the wireless phones from Cisco 7925, and 8821. David, we seem to get a lot of questions on the Cisco wireless phone, so I thought we would get together to talk about that a little more. One of the ones that comes up a lot, is what version of call manager do they work on? For example, the 7925, what version of call manager does that work on?

David: Yeah, absolutely. So we see this all the time as well. So with the Cisco 7925 it currently is supported all the way up to version 12.5 of call manager. So with that being said, that's the latest version of call manager. It's out right now at the time of this video, version 14 is going to be released in about the fall of 2020 is the timeline. And they are announcing that the 7925 will be deprecated in the version 14. They're skipping version 13 but going right to 14 after 12.5.

Becky: So do you see people moving right to the latest version when it comes out, or how does that typically go?

David: There's going to be some companies that embrace the new features and jump right on board, but a lot of times, and especially with us as engineers, we usually recommend going to a little bit later revision after the bugs and the kinks are worked out. So with a .14.0 coming out in the fall of 2020, we wouldn't recommend anybody really going to that probably until the spring of 2021. Version 14 is coming out in the fall of 2020. A lot of times customers won't go right to the .0 release, they want to work, wait until some of those kinks and bugs and stuff are worked out. So usually even the first adopters won't start adopting until at least service pack one. So you're looking at probably a year from now in the spring of 2021, and then even more so customers can be two to three revisions behind. So you're talking at least another year and a half, two years and then the mass a couple of years behind that before the 7925 work on their current version of call managers.

Becky: So customers who have the 7925s they don't have to just run right out and switch over?

David: Exactly. The one thing that would be worried about is that the end of support. So they would be no more firmware updates if the hardware breaks, they're responsible for it. But with it being a little bit older model phone, it's still current, it still can be purchased, it can still work on networks, everything like that.

Becky: Great. So then with the 8821, I'm assuming that just works on everything?

David: Yeah, exactly. The 8821 with it be in the newer Cisco model phone that replaced the 7925 directly, it will work on all the new versions of call manager going forward. The one thing we did notice though is that the 8821s are actually not supported on the cloud registration, as far as the true Cisco cloud from the BroadSoft acquisition, but it still would work on the HCS. So HCS being the hybrid cloud solution, that is still a Cisco true call manager. So the 8821 would work on that one, but not the new Cisco WebEx calling platform, which is the BroadSoft acquisition.

David: Thanks for watching our video on the Cisco 7925 and 8821 wireless phones.

Becky: We can help with these models by buying and selling them. I'm Becky.

David: I'm David.

Becky: And this is TecTips.