10 Gig in the Cisco 6500 Series

Nathan explains 10 Gig availability in the Cisco 6500 Series, including 6908, the 6816, the 6716, the 6708 and the 6704 blades.

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Hi I'm Nate, and welcome to another tecTips video. Today we're going to be talking about 10 gig. 10 gig is one of those subjects that's on a lot of folk's minds. Even though we're hearing more and more about things like 40 gig and 100 gig, a lot of those things just are not realistic for our customers, and 10 gig is one of those things that our customers are now slowly merging into. What I wanted to do today is, I kind of wanted to talk a little bit about that. I'll do not so much a focus on the newer 10 gig blades that are available, and I am focusing primarily on the 6500 series, just because that tends to be what we end up talking about. I mean 10 gig is available in a variety of Cisco switches. 3750's and 3560's, there's a number of different models that it's available. Today we'll focus on the 6500 platform in particular.

With that, we're focusing on not so much these, but we'll start with these. The 6908 and the 6816. These are newer blades, the 6908 especially. You'll see I've noted these as G/T's. That's because there's a 6908 G and a 6908 T, and these follows that same sort of style or denotation. That stands for X2 in the G side and copper on the T side. There's 6908 G's, 6816 G's, and you'll see this sort of repeat itself, are all 5 or 10 gig. Those use X2 fiber transceivers for 10 gig. Then there are also copper varieties for 10 gig copper. These are supported by the SUP 2T, and I guess you could say primarily that's what they were designed, with the SUP 2T in mind. They're not compatible with earlier versions of 6500 supervisors. If you're looking at the SUP 2T this may be a place to go, but you'll see later that we can also use some of the older 10 gig technologies as well.

As I mentioned earlier, we would talk about some of the older technologies. This is actually where I really wanted to focus, because although they are a little older by a few years, this is really where a lot of our customers lately have been focusing. As they move to adopt the SUP 720, a lot of them are now concerned with, or looking to adopt 10 gig. Be it stand-alone 10 gig connections, or even in a VSS scenario. Let's take a look at some of these options as they stand. You have the 6716, the 6708 and the 6704. Obviously there is a pattern there. We see the G/T pattern up here as well from the newer blades, this is kind of where that started where you have the X2 and the copper variety of the 6716 blade. Now the 6708 is all X2. Then the 6704, where kind of things got started, this was the first 10 gig blade, is a XENPAC transceiver.

You want to kind of keep that in mind as you're planning your connectivities, what transceivers are you going to have to use based on what blade you end up going with. In addition, one of the things you really need to be conscious of too, is even though you're adopting the 720, you only get that 40 gig per slot back playing speed. Here you have a full throughput solution, here you would have like a 2 to 1 blocking scenario and here a 4 to 1 blocking scenario, so not every port on these blades is going to be full throughput 10 gig. Here it would be, so if that's important to you, maybe it's a good idea to look at the 6704. What happens if you're looking at a newer supervisor? Well, I've got some of that here. If you're looking at the 2T, or moving to the 2T, be conscious of the fact that yes, the 6716 is supported. That's a smiley face. Little bit of a frown here, well, a lot a bit of a frown here, no 2T support on the 6708. I'm not entirely sure why that is. I'm sure we could uncover maybe a little more if we dug into it, but I do know for a fact that that is not supported, it is listed as amongst the unsupported blades for the 2T.

Then down here at the 04 level, where you would think "well this probably isn't supported either," it actually is, if you add a DFC4 to it.There are 2 DFC4's varieties that you're going to have to be conscious of. I didn't give it a smile or a frown, because that guy's I guess just a little bit confused. He can be happy or sad, depending on whether or not you get that DFC4 involved. Hopefully this was helpful for you today. Of course whenever you're considering 10 gig technology, 6500 upgrades or what have you, you can always give us a call and we can walk you through it. Otherwise, yeah hopefully this was helpful for you today. Thank you very much.