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Learn why CXtec is the right IT partner for you.

At CXtec, our goal is to help you maximize your technology investments with complete IT life cycle management. It allows you to redefine your IT strategy. And you can do it with the greatest customer support in the world (or so we hear).

Sure, we could sit here and tell you how awesome we think we are, but who wants to hear that? Our customers say it better themselves. Here are some of their success stories.

By working with us, we promise to make your life easier. This leaves more time for you to focus on the things that drive your business forward – and a little more time for fun. Trust us, you deserve it.

Infographic – Customer Satisfaction Summary

To ensure that our quality of service is exceeding our customer’s expectations, we provide a customer satisfaction survey after every purchase, based on the Net Promoter® system – a proven loyalty metric that helps us evaluate our customers' business needs.

Curious as to how CXtec’s 92% recommendation rate compares to other brands in the industry? Check out all of the reasons why our customers love working with us in this fun infographic.

Customer satisfaction that goes beyond a one-time positive review

We may be slightly biased, but our customers really are the best. They not only sing our praises when we ask them to be in testimonial videos, but they regularly send us spontaneous, genuine feedback. And even more – they showcase their love for our brand in their day-to-day lives.

As a demonstration of our customer love and loyalty, we started sending orange and blue equal2new troops with every order of equal2new equipment to help defend their technology investments. The result? Our customers have submitted hundreds of photos of their troops in action. Sometimes, they even enlist the help of the CABLExpress cable ninjas. We have to admit, the pictures are pretty amazing.

See for yourself and join in on the fun.