IT Hardware Maintenance Guide

The Value of a Hybrid Support Strategy

the value of a hybrid support strategy - network maintenanceA definitive free guide to building customized support solutions

Employing a hybrid support strategy can help you right-size your support solution for your organization's unique needs. But what does a hybrid support model entail?

Hybrid support means using a combination of OEM support, third-party maintenance (TPM) offerings, and a spares program to provide coverage for your technology infrastructure.

CXtec has created the definitive guide to hybrid support to help you understand its value.

This free guide, The Value of a Hybrid Support Strategy, delves into:

  • What is third-party maintenance (TPM)?
  • The role of a spares program and the secondary market
  • Finding the right combination for you
  • The OEM service contract myth
  • Real-world examples of how hybrid support can work
  • How much a hybrid maintenance solution could save you

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