Quality and performance for the health of your network

We understand that providing quality care to your patients is your top priority.

Providing you complete IT life cycle management that lets your infrastructure perform with optimal performance is ours.

CXtec is commited to creating exceptional value for you at every stage of your technology investment. We'll help you achieve peace of mind with a seamless healthcare experience for your patients and caregivers.

What does life cycle management do for you?


In today’s world, more patient information is being stored and exchanged using electronic medical records (EMR), and caregivers need instant access to vital information on the go. Meanwhile, federal mandates and HIPAA regulations govern your technology implementations and place high demands on your infrastructure.

The reliability of your networking and wireless infrastructure is mandatory, and so is the security of your data. Performance, reliability, security – how can you make it all happen with a limited budget?

Redefine IT Strategy™

We're helping organizations worldwide rethink how they build, maintain, support and upgrade their technology infrastructures with complete life cycle management.

CXtec has nearly 40 years of experience in the IT industry and a dedicated healthcare team that knows the ins and outs of the field and is able to help with your specific needs. Our experts can help you extend the life of your network while maximizing your budget and letting you spend your money where you need it most. Let's redefine your technology strategy together.

Reliable networking and voice equipment for healthcare organizations

CXtec empowers you with choices of new hardware or our own brand of certified pre-owned equipment – equal2new®.

Our equal2new brand of certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment can help you cut costs and ensure reliability – all at once. All equal2new equipment has a 99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating and undergoes the most rigorous testing process in the business.

And even better, it costs up to 90% less than comparable OEM products and comes standard with a lifetime warranty backed by North America’s largest secondary market hardware provider.

Using equal2new, the world's best pre-owned hardware for your networking needs – it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Cabling and data center solutions are the lifeline of your network

We know you make a significant investment in your network, and cables are its lifeline. Our CABLExpress® brand cabling and data center solutions help make your equipment worth the cost by ensuring your network performs at the highest levels, and minimizing the risk of downtime.

It goes beyond just cables – our comprehensive, high-density fiber optic Skinny-Trunk® Solution helps you increase efficiency and maximize the use of rack space in your closets or data center.

IT asset disposition – sell us your old equipment

When you’re ready to make the move to upgrade to newer equipment, what becomes of your IT surplus gear? Don’t let it take up valuable space in your facility – with our asset recovery program you can get money for your network hardware, like switches, routers, servers, storage, phones and wireless access points.

CXtec helps you protect your critical assets with safe, secure IT asset disposition services. Our MindSafe™ data sanitization and destruction services protect your data’s integrity and privacy. Plus, we handle your gear in an environmentally-responsible way.

We can handle any project, at any scale, worldwide. We offer cash or credit on account for your used gear – and no one pays more. It’s just another way we provide complete life cycle management to help you maximize your budget.

You can rest easy knowing your equipment is in safe hands, and all data will be wiped clean in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

Third-party maintenance & network hardware replacement

No matter what kind of equipment you’re using, new or pre-owned, using third-party maintenance (TPM) is a strategic and well-established way to get the quality coverage you need while saving money that can be used on other high-priority needs in your infrastructure.

CXtec offers third-party maintenance with RapidCare®, our flexible, customizable hardware replacement program. It’s our way of ensuring that a down network doesn’t have a negative impact on patient care – or your budget.

It costs as much as 50-60% less than OEM maintenance programs, and shipping is free on both inbound and outbound products. Our experts can also help you determine if a hybrid maintenance solution of OEM support, TPM, and spares is right for your organization, so you’re getting the support you need, when you need it.