Skilled healthcare, education, commercial and financial services experts

Industry Expertise

Healthcare, education, commercial and financial services experts

Your organization relies on specific industry standards and compliance, which often dictates your technology needs, purchase concerns, and budgetary challenges. Our industry experts have an in-depth understanding of those unique needs.

At CXtec, we know what it takes to make your IT infrastructure purchases as cost-effective and effortless as possible. We can provide the expertise and resources to help you deliver the best solution for your customers that will help drive your business forward.

That's complete life cycle management - and it's how we can help redefine your technology strategy together.



Healthcare facilities are undertaking numerous measures to implement electronic medical records, while also keeping patient information secure. The reliability and performance of your network is crucial. We understand these technical challenges and your specific needs for wireless capabilities, security and performance to help better serve your patients and empower your caregivers – while still keeping your costs down.



Education institutions are driven by technology today more than ever. We know you face a never-ending list of demands to supply classrooms with the resources and solutions they need to improve the learning experience. As an approved and experienced E-Rate vendor, we can help you navigate the purchasing process while staying within your budget. We’re an awarded vendor on contracts such as the PEPPM purchasing program, The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS), and the US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance



Providing goods and services to consumers today is evolving significantly. Your always-up, always-on presence demands high performance and high reliability from your technology infrastructure. Staying ahead of the competition and meeting the always changing demands of today’s consumers is key for success in this industry. Our experts will help you develop creative ways to grow your business through technology, whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, or any other consumer-driven business.



You need speed, security and zero downtime in today’s fast-paced market. Even minutes of downtime can cost your organization, and your clients, millions of dollars. With our vast inventory and dedicated financial services experts, CXtec will keep your network running at peak performance without cutting into your bottom line.