Global Microchip Shortage

The global chip shortage has caused huge delays for network hardware and other I.T. equipment. Learn how you can avoid those delays with a simple and practical solution. Or learn more about the global chip shortage and how it is affecting I.T. hardware. 


Has the global microchip shortage affected you? Have you experienced delays for I.T. Hardware? 

Quick IT Hardware Delivery

Want to avoid the delays in I.T. hardware orders and get your hardware quickly?

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is the global chip shortage is causing all kinds of delays for Cisco and other hardware makers. 

In fact, Cisco and other experts says the shortage will continue into 2022.   

Here is the good news! You can get your hardware fast! 

There is an alternative to OEM delays. The solution is super simple.

  • For example, as North America's largest secondary-market network hardware provider, CXtec has a massive inventory position for immediate delivery.  
  • You get top-quality network hardware from top brands like Cisco, Dell, HPE, and others.
  • You get the added protection of a lifetime advance replacement warranty.  

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Want to avoid delays caused by the global microchip shortage? Get your network hardware and I.T. equipment orders quickly. 


Want to Learn More About the Chip Shortage? Watch The Videos Below. 


Watch these brief videos sharing insights about the global chip shortage and how it is affecting I.T. hardware. 


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Help me get the hardware I need while avoiding delays caused by the global microchip shortage.