Yes! We Will Buy Your Used Routers, Switches, and Business Phones

All right. While speaking with some IT pros on a popular online community a while back, a topic came up and the resulting responses seemed baffling.

The IT pros were talking about what they do with their used network hardware - routers, switches, and phones. It was surprising to hear how many said that they just throw them out or dispose of them. Wha wha what? Nooooooo! Why? Why?

Seriously, why would people just dispose of their network hardware when they can get some money for them?

Maybe some people don't know they can sell these used routers, switches, phones and other hardware. Maybe some people just don't want to be bothered. Whatever the reason, it only seemed proper to remind anyone who happens to visit this blog that CXtec will buy your used network hardware.

After all, assuming that you're working to make your company financially healthier, it only makes sense to get the extra money. With it, you can offset other costs or use it toward new purchases. One thing is certain: Company executives like "found money" and would be unhappy to hear of employees passing it up.

For the time it takes to find out what value your used network hardware has, it's worth it.

If you have any routers, switches, phones or other network hardware sitting idle, or you plan on getting rid of equipment, give us a call. We purchase all kinds of network hardware and business phones.

For more information, you should visit our page about selling your network hardware.