Wireless Networking Myths Busted

There are plenty of wireless networking myths and misconceptions.  Heck, maybe it's just confusion. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that it is real.

  • Is more height better?

  • Is more gain better?

  • Does diversity mean I can cover 2 rooms with 1 AP?

  • Wireless signals won't go through trees, right?

  • Wireless G gives me 54mb, right?

  • I need wireless N!! Well...Do you?

  • Can you mix N with legacy wireless?


Well, we are here to give you good information so you can make informed decisions about your network.

So, we just happen to have a webinar that clears up these wireless misconceptions and myths and offers insights about wireless networking that can help you in your wireless networking endeavors.

Hopefully, this webinar will help bust some of the common wireless networking myths and allow you to avoid some common mistakes that go along with these myths.

If this webinar was helpful, please take a look through all of the webinars we have available for free to anyone looking to expand their knowledge various areas networking and cabling.