Will Cisco Bring Us Streaming Video Walls?

People have the tendency to take for granted a lot of the modern technology and conveniences we have at our disposal every day. Technology has made our world much more abundant and made our lives easier. We have a level of comfort in modern times that kings couldn't have imagined just a couple hundred years ago (a relative blink of an eye in historical terms).

Technology Has Helped Us Achieve Abundant Lives

With unfortunate events like Hurricane Sandy, it makes people take a step back and see just how much technology has done for us. If you are having trouble with this, do a personal TV marathon of Survivor Man all day. Then, get in your car that has temperature control, automatic windows, reclining seats, GPS, surround sound digital radio and DVD screens... and take a quick drive down to the grocery store chock full of every possible food you can imagine including prepared gourmet foods. Let's not forget modern medicines. That's just the grocery store. Next time you are there pause for a moment and think about how technology and voluntary collaboration for mutual benefit have affected our world. When you really think about it, well, it is amazing. If you are still not impressed, see this:

Cisco's Vision For Streaming Video

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), companies unveil a ton of new technologies in the aim of improving our lives that much more. That may mean solving a problem. Sometimes it simply means producing something really cool that people will enjoy.

Cisco may have an eye toward both with their new vision of streaming video walls. This is a fascinating idea that has a lot of possibilities.

Just take a look at the photo below.

Cisco's Vision of Streaming Video Walls

To give you an idea of what Cisco is trying to accomplish, check out this excerpt from a recent article.

"Called Videoscape Unity, it's basically a template for a cable, satellite, or other TV services that integrates traditional broadcast television with DVR, on-demand, Web, and social network content. And in its ultimate form, you'd watch it on a video wall large enough to display the equivalent of several current HDTV screens."

How Would This Change Things?

You can imagine how this type of technology might change the landscape of business and the everyday lives of people. It wouldn't just affect how you get your entertainment; it would change and expand communication on several levels. It would cause a paradigm shift in accessibility and personalization. It would create a ton of opportunities for businesses to engage people in a real and personal way.

When you think about this vision of technology and what we might see in the not-so-distant future, it is amazing.

But don't look for this technology to be popping into your big box stores in the fall. This still seems to be in its infancy, so to speak. It may be a while before this technology reaches the household user.

Until video walls move from the silver screen (or the CES show floor) to middle-class homes, Cisco sees Videoscape Unity as a service for connecting multiple displays we already have, most notably tablets and TVs. "We need to be able to leverage the second screen in context to what's going on in the primary screen," said Jasper Anderson, senior Vice President and general manager of Cisco's service provider video technology group.


Where Will Technology Take Us?

Due to the tremendous increases in technology, our economy and lives have reaped many rewards. I have had the pleasure of living in a time when I watched The Jetsons as a kid and have now seen plenty of that Jetsons  technology come to fruition. Sometimes it seems like the only limitations we have with technology are the limitations of our imagination.