Why the Thought of "Used" Networking Equipment Shouldn't Scare You

We hear from IT professionals all the time who claim that they aren't allowed to purchase used equipment for their data centers. For some reason the word "used" automatically has a negative connotation - if it has already been owned, and well...used, by someone else it must not be as reliable. As we are all well aware, performance and reliability are critical in our line of business. Downtime costs money, and there is really no time or room for error.

We understand these worries and hesitations. However, we also know firsthand that used equipment can be just as good - if not better - than brand new, out-of-the-box equipment. You just have to know the right place to look. We wouldn't recommend buying used Cisco switches from ABC Company down the street because chances are you have no idea where they came from or how reliable they will be.

With CXtec's brand of equal2new certified pre-owned phone and networking hardware, you have full knowledge of the process - from the stringent testing and refurbishing that takes place at our Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC) to the moment it arrives at your door.

Our  ISO 9001:2008-certified, ESD-protected facility is truly where the magic happens. See for yourself in this quick video:

We believe in our equal2new products so much that we offer a lifetime warranty as a standard business practice.

The common belief is that when you cut costs, you must sacrifice on something else such as quality or performance. While this may be the case for certain things, it no longer applies to used equipment if you are working with a trusted, reliable vendor. Besides, can you honestly say that newer is always better? Of course not ( yes, we're lookin' at you Star Wars prequels).

While we can't promise you that unicorns are real or offer you an endless supply of bacon ( or maybe we can, our customer service team is top-notch...) - we can guarantee that you will save money and get quality, reliable networking equipment with equal2new brand products.

Bottom line: don't let just the word "used" scare you away from making smart decisions for your business. When you know your source of used equipment you can rest assured that is it possible to keep your network up and your costs down.