Why Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Should Be Important to You

ESD Damage - Warning Label


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): The Hidden Enemy

You scuff your socks across the living room carpet. Then you give an unsuspecting victim a shock. It's a good laugh. The static electricity you created scuffing your socks on the carpet causes a spark to jump from your finger to the other person. It's a harmless gag among buddies.

Among network hardware, it's another story completely.

Network hardware devices can be permanently damaged with as little as 100 volts. To put this in perspective, the act of walking across a carpet can generate somewhere between 1,500 and  35,000 volts.

Now think about this. People can't  detect this ESD spark until it reaches 3,000 volts. So, ESD is a very dangerous hidden enemy of your networking hardware. We are talking about your Cisco routers, 3Com switches, Nortel phones and all the other important devices in your network. We are talking about possibly hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of dollars of network hardware that is incredibly important to your company at risk. Do not increase your risks needlessly.

No responsible IT professional should allow their network hardware to be exposed to ESD.



Top 3 Reasons ESD Protection Should Be Important to You



ESD Damage on NASA Component



  1. Being Careful Counts - Reducing risk of equipment failure is reducing risks associated with downtime.

  2. Focus On Performance - Taking steps to avoid ESD damage to your hardware is important to anyone who is concerned with the performance of their network devices. Unknown equipment performance issues are another enemy to the IT professional. Save yourself the time, money and hassle and protect your equipment.

  3. Up to 60% of hardware failures are due to electrostatic discharge - Enough said.


Fortunately, there are ESD protection measures that can be taken to avoid these prevelant problems.



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