What to Look for When Buying Avaya Phones

Avaya phones offer a multitude of options for every business user. IP or digital desktop phones, conference phones, wireless phones - your Avaya phone choices are unlimited.

The really great part about choosing Avaya phones is that you’re definitely getting stellar quality and features that can elevate your business efficiency. With so many options it’s important to know what your business needs are and choose wisely.

We have another option to consider when thinking about Avaya phones: what about pre-owned?

The Advantages of Used Avaya phones

Many people don’t initially consider used technology as a viable option. They only want new phones because they believe there’s no need to worry when they purchase new.

What they often don’t realize is that they can realize some of the same benefits of buying new Avaya phones when they buy them pre-owned. But they can save a lot of money going with the pre-owned option.

Same Quality As New Avaya Phones

One preconceived notion is that new Avaya phones will have perfect quality while pre-owned phones might not work. This simply isn’t the case.

Quality pre-owned vendors, like CXtec, will test each and every phone they refurbish. They will thoroughly clean and include new cords and handsets for most models. Then they will run exhaustive testing measures on every phone, ensuring they’re fully operational.

Do you get this level on testing on new Avaya phones? Not necessarily. Most OEMs will merely spot-check their offerings, testing one out of every 50 or 100 products. So it’s actually probable that you’ll receive used Avaya phones that rival the quality of new.

Reliability and peace of mind standard

Because of these exacting methods of testing, reputable vendors of used Avaya phones back their offerings with reliability ratings and warranties that will give you a whole lot of peace of mind.

For instance, at CXtec we back our pre-owned Avaya phones with a 99.51% reliability rating. This number is pretty solid, especially when you consider that we can’t really know the failure rate of new Avaya phones.

On top of that, we also back every Avaya phone with a lifetime warranty as a standard business practice. These are the business practices of reliable, trusted used equipment vendors. We back our equipment with a substantial warranty that lets you know we stand behind the performance of our offerings.

Used Avaya Phones Are a Viable Option

All these factors taken together make considering pre-owned Avaya phones a smart plan. It’s possible to get comparable quality to new at prices significantly below list. And you can keep a lot more options open for yourself, bringing into consideration older models that have the functionality and features you’re seeking. You’re no longer limited to only the latest models that might not necessarily be the ideal fit for your business needs.

Giving yourself more options when choosing the right Avaya phone just makes life easier. Give pre-owned Avaya phones a chance – you might just be pleasantly surprised. At the very least you’ll get a new perspective on how much more you pay for new technology versus used.