What Has Cisco Been Up To Recently?

Cisco Systems, the massive company that covers a broad range of networking solutions, has  over the past few weeks  has been making headlines for variety of reasons ranging from innovative Wi-Fi connectivity in the U.S. to the facilitation of network distribution in the Middle East.

Here is a snapshot of three areas where Cisco has been making headway recently:


Customers who do not like exchanging cash for Wi-Fi in coffee shops and restaurants will be pleased to learn that Cisco has come up with a solution. And it has to do with social media.

Cisco has introduced a new update to its Meraki routers which will allow customers to exchange social media recognition to businesses for free Wi-Fi service. In other words, with these updated Cisco routers, businesses can now let customers tweet, post on Facebook or blog instead of having to pay when they want to connect. The update allows consumers to log in either through the Meraki router dashboard or through Facebook itself. It is important to note that customers who would rather pay directly rather than utilize the service offered through Cisco routers will still be able to do so.


The Middle East

Cisco EMEAR announced that it has awarded Data Center and Enterprise Networks Accreditation to its distributor, Track Distribution Middle East. By granting this title, regional partners will now have direct access to an accredited distribution service. As a result, business and service across the region is expected to increase.

Track Distribution Middle East gained this accreditation by investing in a customer experience center, which was designed with the intention of increasing customer knowledge and training.



Utility Security

Security and reliability are huge issues currently facing utility companies across the country. Cisco has introduced a new solution designed to increase operational security and flexibility while simplifying administrative duties. It’s called a smart grid, and it has to do with the integration of IP technology in power grid systems.

The Cisco Connected Grid Security Architecture, released on May 7, will include physical security solutions, video surveillance options and layered security features. This platform was also designed with the intention of adjusting to the needs of network infrastructure in response to constantly fluctuating regulations.