What does the HP 5400 Chassis have to do with E3?

By Katie Taisey, Product Manager

Well - ok not much - but I sure am not the only one excited to hear the announcements from all the biggest game vendors and see the trailers of the newest games to hit the shelves soon!   

On June 11, Microsoft announced it's latest product in the Xbox series - Xbox One X. Previously referred to as Xbox Project Scorpio, Xbox One X will be in stores on November 7 but is already receiving a lot of buzz.  With all this hype around the new release, it made me wonder if it was time to upgrade to the next generation in the Xbox One family. This is the same decision HP customers are facing when they look to upgrade or purchase HP 5400 chassis equipment.

Leap of Faith

Here is where I make an incredible Lara Croft style leap ledge grab and make an analogy to comparing an HP 5400 ZL with an HP 5400 R. 

Games for the ONE and Scorpio will be interchangeable – which is great news! This means that I can still play the newest games if I keep my Xbox One. Similarly, HP 5400 ZL and 5400R chassis also share the ability to use some overlapping modules - 

  • V1 modules work in 5400 ZL
  • V2 modules work in 5400 ZL and 5400R 
  • V3 modules work in 5400R 

Keep in mind that if you are looking to upgrade any V1 modules they will not work in the R chassis.They must be replaced but some might be reusable!

Think of this like Xbox 360 games and backwards compatibility. I kept my 360 for a long time just so I could play Black Ops II and hear “Git Gud” far too often! Thanks Microsoft for finally making the most requested title backwards compatible!


Console Your Budget

So what features will you get from an upgrade to the 5400 R chassis? Are you looking to run 40G in your network? Is MACsec a security feature you need or want to implement in the future? There could be reasons why going with the R is right for you. 

Heck the new Xbox console is supposed to offer True 4K gaming, which is sick for sure – but increases my necessary budget beyond just the cost of the console to include the replacement of my television, which is a big added cost.

CXtec helps customers make decisions like this often with all kinds of product lines. We have a team of engineers who can evaluate your current needs and - based on your budget - recommend the best strategy for you to get the most out of your IT investments.  

If you read this far and are a Steam Gamer – no worries we have Cisco options for you! Are you a PlayStation user? Sorry we do not help your kind. Kidding of course!