Used Cisco Switches & Routers Allow Businesses To Upgrade Despite Shrinking Budgets

Cisco 3750 StackThere are some interesting trends happening in the IT world, according to some new research by TheInfoPro.  The research reveals two trends that were particularly telling.


  1. Aging network equipment and the need to implement new network initiatives  is driving network managers to make router and switch upgrades their highest priority project.

  2. Despite IT budgets remaining healthy during the current struggling economy,  it appears more budgets next year are getting a bit smaller.




"Network technology spending remains in catch-up mode, says Daniel Kennedy, research director for information security and networking at TheInfoPro and author of the firm's 2012 Network Technology Study. 'The top pain point is aging hardware and keeping up with technology," Kennedy says, "and technology refresh is the most important business driver.'"

The research goes on to say that core router and switch upgrades top the list of projects for network managers.  To reinforce the findings of the research further, on the list just below these router and switch upgrades was "technology refresh".

So, what does this mean?  Network managers are looking to get more technology for less.



Used Cisco Routers and Switches Can Allow For Needed Upgrades Despite Smaller Budgets

There is a clear trend forming. People are looking to keep up with advances in technology, need to improve their network infrastructure, but are seeking lower cost solutions to achieve this.   One very solid solution is choosing to work with an established vendor to obtain high quality used Cisco switches and routers.

It just makes sense.  Why?  Because it satisfies both requirements for network managers and IT departments.  (a) Upgrade routers and switches to keep up with advancing technologies (b) Accommodate smaller budgets.

You can buy used Cisco hardware at a fraction of the list price from established companies and you will get equipment that is as reliable as brand new out-of-box Cisco hardware (or more so).   Then factor in the ability to get long term warranties (see this lifetime warranty) and NBD hardware replacement options.

When you can reduce your costs substantially AND get all the reliability and performance you are looking for, you need to seriously consider that option.