Troops of the Week: 9/22/14 - 9/26/14

Below are some of the pictures we’ve received throughout the week from our valued customers. Keep us posted on what your troops have been up to and we'll even throw in a t-shirt so you can show everyone how you protect your investment.

Learn more about equal2new® troops and how you can protect your investment here:

Monday: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. #DefendYourInvestment

Tuesday: This customer's equal2new troops are passing the time with a friendly game of PacMan.       #DefendYourInvestment

Wednesday: These troops made a guest appearance on Doctor Who. #DefendYourInvestment

Thursday: What would you caption this troops photo? It's just making us hungry. #DefendYourInvestment

Friday: These equal2new troops take on the first week of fall by protecting autumn foliage. #DefendYourInvestment