CXtec Goes to Toronto for Day of Learning and Fun

IT managers and IT professionals of all kinds are looking for ways to extend the reach of their existing budgets to get the most bang for their buck; however, given today’s still stabilizing  economic climate, this is sometimes much easier said than done—unless you purchased used equipment.

CXtec's Toronto Road Show

Today CXtec had its Toronto Road Show.  We hosted IT pros from Toronto area at the CN Tower. There were  informational sessions designed to offer budget wise strategies and approaches on how and when you can adopt pre-owned network equipment and new network equipment. This talk also included options for IT asset disposition and trade-in programs that your company can take part in to extend the life of equipment once your are done with it.  In addition, they covered ways to properly integrate maintenance programs using alternatives to the manufacturer offerings.

Another session was offered where attendees were given access to the latest information surrounding the ratification of the 802.3ba and the migration to 40/100 Gigbait Ethernet. Attendees will learn about how they can leverage the latest in optical infrastructure, while also picking up some new best practices for purchasing equipment and designing essential cables and racks.

Learning & Fun for IT Pros

The road show offered a day of learning and fun.  Plus, IT pros were able to talk and network with their peers in a welcoming environment.

CXtec is doing a series of road shows where IT professionals can have a great day of learing and fun. These road shows often pair up learning in a great environment with a fun event afterward.  For instance at our Dallas Road Show we had a day of learning follwed by a Dallas Cowboys football game.

We are currently planning our road shows for 2014.  If you want suggest a road show near you, please contact us and tell us why we should come to your town!


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