20 Years of Highest Quality Pre-owned Network Hardware

It’s 2015 and here at CXtec we are celebrating something more than just a New Year. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of our exclusive brand of pre-owned network hardware. We call it equal2new®.

The name says it all. With a 99.51% reliability rating, our equal2new hardware is literally equal to or better than new. But the cost of equal2new network hardware is 50 – 90% off list price. The true lifetime warranty gives our customers extra protection against risks and helps protect their investment. Now that’s something to celebrate!

In short, it’s a low cost, high quality network hardware option that people can count on to extend their IT budget and the life cycles of their equipment. With the money our customers save they can apply it to other high value projects. Or they can simply use the savings to help their organization’s bottom line.

Our equal2new hardware was the first exclusive brand of certified pre-owned hardware in the industry. It’s an incredible feeling to know that it’s still around 20 years later. Thank you to all of our equal customers!

Join the Celebration

We want to share the excitement and savings with our customers as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of equal2new.

Giant Stacks of Money Saved, Enormous Technology Changes, and Truckloads of Bacon

For starters, we have created an infographic that shares some fun and interesting facts about equal2new hardware and how it has helped our customers over the years. For instance, equal2new customers have saved $817,500,000.  That’s right… $817,500,000. Just think of what IT professionals can do with that much money. You could improve your network, data center, processes, and develop all kinds of business driving technology. Or you could buy 102,446,320 pounds of bacon.

See all the fun facts here: http://www.cxtec.com/nd/equal2new20/

Spin to Win and Get Huge Savings on Network Hardware, Phones, and Cables!

Games are fun. Saving tons of money is fun. So, we have combined the two for double the fun.

Come spin the wheel of deals.

Each month we are loading up the wheel of deals with amazing specials and huge savings for you. The odds are in your favor in a big way. All you have to do is go to this page and spin the wheel. Round and round it goes. What amazing deals will you get?  Find out now!

equal2new preowned networking equipment infographic

Here’s to 20 more years

We are so thankful to our customers. Without them our 20 year celebration wouldn’t happen. We are pleased that equal2new has helped them over the past two decades.

We will continue to strive every day to bring the best pre-owned network hardware in the industry to our customers. We look forward to helping our customers for the next 20 years.