Top 5 Ways Refurbished Network Hardware Gives You Freedom

It’s almost Independence Day, and we’re gearing up to celebrate the 4 th of July with fireworks, food, fun and freedom! But with the holiday approaching, we decided to ask ourselves what does freedom mean to what we do here at CXtec.

The answer? For more than three decades, we’ve been helping customers achieve more freedom in their technology infrastructures by providing refurbished networking hardware.

Here are the top 5 ways purchasing refurbished networking equipment will provide you increased freedom:

5. Maintain your current infrastructure – What better way to declare your independence than by breaking free from what the manufacturers are telling you to do? Hey, OEMs are great and all, but their message is always the same: You need the latest and greatest. Well, do you really? If your current networking infrastructure is working well for your business needs, then why start spending more than you have to on unnecessary upgrades? Refurbished hardware will allow you to keep the existing technology platform that is working for you for much longer. This way you can extend budget dollars and…

4. Allocate your money anywhere you see fit – Saving some money in your budget is probably the biggest advantage of using refurbished equipment. But the really sweet part is that you can then take that money saved and utilize it anywhere you feel would best benefit your business. Sure, you could use it on your IT infrastructure, or maybe you have a building that needs a new roof. Maybe you could use it to reduce certain overhead costs. Maybe you could… you get the point! More money in your pocket can be used anywhere to benefit your business or organization. Just imagine that freedom at your fingertips.

3. Maintenance at half the cost – Most refurbished network hardware vendors also offer a maintenance program to back their equipment. OEM maintenance is fine, but it can get costly. In many cases you can get quality maintenance on refurbished hardware for as much as 50% less than what you pay for the OEM version. And we’ve already covered the freedom you’ll enjoy with some more budget money at your disposal.

2. Ensure uptime with spares – Instituting a spares program in your network can be a really smart idea. Having hot, swappable spares to back up your mission-critical equipment is wise, and it provides incomparable peace of mind. The problem is, it costs more to make it happen. Well, not so much when you consider how much you can save on used network equipment. Utilizing refurbished hardware makes the concept of a spares program much more attainable.

1. Forget the forklift – When you go with OEM solutions, a lot of times you have to call in the forklift and pull pretty much everything out of your network. If the time has come for you to do this, then by all means move forward with it. But can you imagine having your hands tied and being required to make this move every few years? Yeesh, forget that! Utilizing refurbished networking equipment allows you to upgrade only the area of your network where it makes sense, and to do it at your own pace. It gives you that added level of independence to not undertake a major IT overhaul any sooner than you need to, or you feel it would best benefit your enterprise.

Let Freedom Ring!

So there you have it, five great ways to achieve added independence in your infrastructure simply by implementing refurbished network hardware where it makes sense. If you’re considering it, let CXtec know how we can help. We’ve been doing this a long time.

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Enjoy the holiday!