The Problems of Network Hardware Failure in Europe

Most of the attention surrounding the recent slew of Internet outages across Europe have been attributed to deliberate attacks from computer hackers. In fact, cyber attacks have accounted for only 20 percent of all outages in 2012. There is another culprit that has actually caused even more damage, and that is network hardware failure.

Network hardware failure accounted for 36 percent of mobile Internet outages last year.This is a problem people need not have.  Further, 35 percent of fixed Internet connections were affected as well. According to the European Network and Information Security Agency, malicious attacks, human errors, natural disaster, system and third party failures account for the damage caused to networks. It takes into account 79 incidents over the span of 18 countries.

While cyber attacks typically result in only a three-hour power outage, storms produced an average downtime of 84 hours last year. And in relation to network overload, last year an average of nine million users were affected during each outage.

For a company, a network outage can be devastating due to the overall number of employees that are affected during downtime. A Fortune 500 company typically loses about 1.6 hours every week due to downtime, and a total of $46 million every year in associated labor costs.  When additional factors such as natural disasters take place, this number can jump even higher.

The easiest way to prepare for a disaster, therefore, is to have a backup plan so that your sensitive fiber channel over Ethernet is not compromised during downtime. For more information on how your company can protect its hardware during a network outage so that you do not lose critical data, and money, please click here.