The Perfect App for Bacon-Loving IT Professionals

For whatever the reason may be, IT pros love bacon. The two go hand in hand, kind of like peanut butter and jelly, or CXtec equal2new equipment and the CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution. We stumbled upon a glorious iPhone app, "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon," created by Oscar Mayer, and wanted to share with all you fellow bacon lovers.

There are two main elements to the app:

  • Sound - set the alarm on the app, when your alarm goes off the app will produce the sound of sizzling bacon
  • Smell - plug the "dongle" into the headphone jack, and it releases a bacony scent (similar to a Glade Plugin)

As an added bonus feature, you can set the app to recite "baconisms," like this gem:

Experience bacon with all your senses," the voice says. "Like the deepest root, like the stormiest ocean, it's briney cure endures. Bacon exceeds everything you ever imagined.

Check out this spectacular video and try to curb your urge to immediately download the app:


But wait, there's a catch. Not just anyone can experience the full bacony goodness. According to Mashable, "Oscar Mayer is only making a limited number of devices, which won't be available for sale. Fans will have to apply for a shot at winning one of the dongles by taking a quiz on Oscar Mayer's website. The contest runs through April 4 and winners will receive their bacon-scented devices within six to eight weeks."

The project was created by... wait for it... the "Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon," a self-proclaimed "consortium of the world's greatest bacon minds-innovators, dreamers, artisans-all dedicated to unlocking bacon's deepest mysteries for the benefit of bacon lovers everywhere." Now that is an organizational affiliation we'd like on our resumes, stat.

What do you think of the latest addition to the bacon-craze? Will you be taking the Oscar Mayer quiz to try and score the "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon" app? Tweet us your thoughts @CXtec.