Technology Road Shows Offer IT Training & Fun

technology road shows for IT prosOver the past couple of years, we have been doing technology road shows for IT professionals. It's a simple concept.  We go to cities across America and host an event day with  some  insightful IT education sessions followed by networking and fun.

It's been a great way to share ideas and information with people about some important IT topics. Among the topics covered are future proof solutions and strategies for data center cabling infrastructure and strategies to optimize IT budgets and get the most from your network hardware.  We continue to explore new topics to share with the attendees of these events. 

So how do the technology road shows work?

Well, usually there is two education sessions followed by some fun event.   We've done networking events, pro sports stadium tours, sporting events, Medieval Times...all kinds of things.  There's always a good chance to meet new people, have good conversations, and enjoy some food and fun.

We've held these events in cities all over the country. We've been from Boston to Seattle and many spots in between.   We look forward to more events like this.  If you get the opportunity to attend one of the technology road shows, we hope you do.