Stackables or Chassis on the Edge?

By Dave Brenon, Senior Product Manager

When considering adding switches to your edge, many people often assume stackables are the only way to go. However, there is another option - a chassis solution.

We take the time every day to help recommend what may be best for anyone's unique network.  

In the Cisco world, you may be considering a member from the 3750 or 3850 family, but don’t forget the 6509E chassis is always an option.

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6509E chassis as a powerhouse

The 6509E chassis is a TANK. It’s the KING of reliability. It’s the CADILLAC of features and functionality! 

The VS-S720 supervisor engine has 10 gig uplink ports, and Virtual Switching System (VSS). This allows you to join two of these chassis together for the best available redundancy features. 

Not to mention, the entire other generation of Sup engine (i.e., the Sup 2T) and port blades (6900) double the throughput from 40 Gbps to 80 Gbps per slot!

So much room for activities

You can use this as a core or an edge solution, plus there’s plenty of room to expand. What to do with the extra space? Add a second supervisor for redundancy or possibly more port blades—you have many options. 

Cisco considers this chassis, and their customers that own them, so important  that they designed the next generation chassis system (i.e., the 6807) to be partially compatible with the 6500 family. Luckily for you, you don’t have to totally ditch this when it’s upgrade time!

A few things to note on the 6509E…

  • The most popular chassis system in the world
  • 20x the deployment of the nearest competitor – over 800,000 systems sold
  • Incredible flexibility 
  • Great availability – if it’s not in stock we can get it in short order

For further help, reach out to our handy-dandy CXtec team and ask for an engineer to spec out a 6509 solution. And check out all of our related content on the subject below!