Space Saving Cable Solution for Healthcare Organizations

You are a healthcare organization. You are not an ISP.  So, there's a chance that your facility's cabling environment is feeling small, crowded, or cramped. So, a space saving cable solution can be your best friend. 

When it comes to cabling, you want high preformance and reliability.  That's a given.  But how great would it be to have all of that performance in the kind of cabling solution that would make better use of your space?

Well, the solution is out there.  So why are people doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Remember what that is called?

Okay...Let's say you are one of those unlucky IT pros in a healthcare organization that has crowded closets and other areas where extra space is scarce.  Every move, add, or change can seem like a giant hassle for you.

If you are ready to make your life a whole lot easier then you may want to check out a solution designed specifically for your kind of space problems.  For some, this might be the perfect solution. 

Enter the Cabling Space Saving Solution

CABLExpress mini CAT6 Copper Trunk

This product is a nice fit for many healthcare organizations looking to save space.  This product is a newer version of the original copper trunk cable.  It's a high performance way to keep you cables organized.  The best part is that they are designed to save space. 

You can also get the product details on the Mini Cat6 Copper Trunk Data Sheet

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