Selling Your Used Network Hardware: Big Money Often Overlooked

Or... How Selling Your Used Network Hardware Smartly can Save You Lots of Money and Let You Do Much More With Less

Collect Money, Not Dust, With Your Network Hardware

Experience has shown us time and again that IT departments hang onto network hardware that isn't being used. For whatever reason, the equipment isn't installed or used in any way.  

This is the kind of thing we hear all the time...

We have a bunch of stuff sitting here. We have it stacked up in the room back there. We just kinda don't use it.

These companies purchased this equipment and now it is LITERALLY collecting dust!

So let's stop and think about this for a minute:

  1. Company spends time, energy, and good money to purchase switches, routers, phones, or other network hardware. They may have even bought brand new hardware. This means they paid good money for the network hardware. 
  2. Company doesn't use all of the hardware. Hardware is serving no purpose.
  3. Just like a new car, the equipment's value depreciates rapidly. A switch that may have cost $10,000 is now worth maybe $5,000 (if that) and is providing no value to the company.
  4. The hardware that is not in use is wasting space.

Conclusion: Company paid good money to lose money and waste space.

If this sounds crazy, it is. And it happens all the time.

Sell your used network hardware. Don't sit on it.

Leverage Your Used Network Equipment Instead

This might sound obvious, but why are so many people sitting and watching their expensive network hardware lose value while it provides nothing of value to their organization?

Sell it... smartly.

Find a well-established network hardware provider that will buy used network hardware. You want to make sure they are reputable. You want them to give you fair price for the equipment. You want them to consider any data security issues regarding the exchange of your hardware. (Learn more about the smart way to sell your network hardware at the bottom of this post). 

If you work with the right network hardware company, you will find this to be an easy and rewarding process that will give you a substantial amount of money to help you do more with less.

Free Guide to Selling Your Network Hardware the Smart Way

In this guide, you will get tips on:

  • Protecting your sensitive information on your network hardware

  • Protecting your reputation

  • Reducing or eliminating shipping costs

  • Getting maximum value for your hardware

  • Finding a reliable partner

Download your guide here.