Retro Flashback: Remember these cartoons from the 80s?

Normally we would rank some of our favorite cartoons from the 80s, but we're afraid of the fallout that could have! We discussed ranking some of our favorites among ourselves, and it nearly started a brawl. So we decided that instead of ranking them, we'd just provide you some fun memories in no particular order.

Here's our list of randomly-ordered fun cartoon favorites from the 80s:

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

No list of 80s cartoons is complete without this staple of the decade. It had everything. Lots of fun characters, action figures you could collect to re-enact adventures from the show, and of course a talking tiger. Growing up in the 80s made you the perfect age to root for a hero in a furry loincloth, and not find it weird how Skeletor could pronounce his B-, F-, M- and P- words without having lips.

Seriously, in this 93 second clip alone he says "fools" like 50 times, "prince," "bunglers," and more... how does he do it? HOW?!?

G.I. Joe

Nothing made a child of the 80s prouder to be American than watching G.I. Joe. This elite fighting team kept the world safe from the evil alliance known as Cobra and their quest for world domination. To this day we're still ssssuspicious of people who say the letter S like a snake the way Cobra Commander does. And how would we know to put reflectors on our bikes if Dusty hadn't told us? After all, knowing is half the battle.

Much better to take advice from the Joes. Destro advised us all to talk to strangers.


No jokes about the Michael Bay films here. Regardless of how anyone feels about those movies, we fondly remember a time when we would have gladly voted for Optimus Prime for president because his leadership of the Autobots was just top-notch. The battle with the Decepticons was raging strong and there was only one man, strike that, one truck we trusted to lead us to victory.

Really, Starscream? Kicking a robot when he's down? Pretty low.


What's not to love about this? Take all of the attributes that make big cats cool, put them into fun characters, then have said characters beat up on a magical mummy and a bunch of creepy mutants. That's a winning recipe in our book.

Aerial acrobatics, thy name is Lion-O!


Ok, let's get this debate out of the way right off the bat: Lion Voltron is vastly superior to Car Voltron. It's out there, now let's move on. Come on, he has robotic flying lions as arms and legs. It just doesn't get any cooler than that. And forming Voltron seems so easy. If we could just figure out how to activate the inter-lock, connect the dyna-therms, put up the infra-cells, and turn on the mega-thrusters we could totally pilot our own Defender of the Universe!

Ok, who has some extra dyna-therms? Billy, check in your parents' basement - pretty sure I saw some the other day when we were playing Battleship.

Ahhh, the nostalgia...

Admittedly, this list is incomplete, but something tells us we'll be doing another one of these Retro Flashbacks soon so we'll add some more then. And yes, this list was mostly about the boys' favorites. Next time maybe we'll throw in some Care Bears, you know, for the ladies... ;-)