Reduce Your Risk of Network Downtime Through Port Replication

Let’s start with a couple of reasonable assumptions. First, let’s assume that we’re all in this business with the goal of reducing our downtime to zero. Then let’s assume that all our lives would be a lot easier with simpler, more efficient cable management in our data centers.

If we can assume these two statements are pretty much facts, then we should all be looking for a means to make them a reality. CABLExpress, our data center cabling and hardware manufacturing division, recently published a white paper detailing exactly how we can make that happen using port replication.

What is port replication?

Great question. Port replication is when you “mirror” the ports of active fiber optic hardware in your passive components (fiber patch panels). So basically your patch panels have an identical, direct relationship with your active hardware ports - all the port numbers on your hardware directly correspond to the numbers on your patch panels.

This direct relationship helps eliminate human errors when cabling up your hardware, not to mention saving some time since you don’t have to make any calculations on the fly while running cables.

The benefits of port replication

Along with making cabling easy and saving installation time during moves, adds and changes, port replication has several other advantages. In a structured cabling system, your actives ports are replicated in a Main Distribution Area (MDA), which can greatly reduce the distance between ports.

Plus, you can reduce the amount of cabling bulk in your data center. With less cabling you’ll open up airflow paths and make cooling much easier. This can significantly lower your operating costs.

Using port replication to your advantage

The white paper details all facets of how you should use port replication in your data center. It also notes that improper port replication can be just as bad as not using it at all. So be sure to download it for free from the link below to learn everything you need to know.

You stand to gain some serious dividends if you implement port replication properly.

Download the white paper for FREE here.