Put an End to Those "Oops, I Forgot" Blues

Here’s a message for all those IT professionals working in the education sector. How many times has this happened to you? You spend the spring and summer gearing up for those huge projects you had planned while the students are out. You do your research, you do your buying, you carry out your plan and everything goes off smoothly.

But then the students arrive back and you realize you’re a bit short on the technology you implemented. You need an extra couple switches, a few more wireless access points here and there, some more phones, the cabling to hook it all up…

It’s not a pleasant scenario. You did your research and spending based on the assumption that you had your bases covered. Now you have to come up with a little more budget money to get your technology platform where it needs to be. What do you do?

No Need to Panic

Take a bit of advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and don’t panic! Now is the time to put into action the best trump card you have in your hand – pre-owned networking and voice hardware!

At CXtec, we’re helping customers in this predicament all the time. And it’s usually right around late September/early October when they realize they have a problem. Education IT professionals this time of year are always looking for quality used networking hardware at a great price to help them get the capacity they need.

The good news is if you choose the right vendor, you can get stellar quality refurbished networking equipment you can rely on, at a price that will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

A Life Vest for Less

CXtec’s own equal2new certified pre-owned hardware is backed by a true lifetime warranty and a 99.51% reliability rating, but it’s still up to 90% off list price. So you get quality you can trust, at the price you can fit into your budget.

In fact, we’re running great deals on our already low prices for equipment such as:

And this just scratches the surface of the great deals we’re offering right now.

The Solution is Out There

Don’t worry if you happened to forget a little bit of technology for those projects you completed recently. Quality used network hardware is really just a phone call away, and it can be just the solution you’re seeking. Get a great product, with a great warranty, at a great price and get your network back on track.