Pre-owned doesn't necessarily mean "old"

A common misconception we often encounter is when people think that the pre-owned equipment we offer is “old.” We imagine that they picture it as ancient legacy hardware sitting in some company’s closet collecting dust and rusting.

Then we swoop in, wipe off the layers of dust that have accumulated over the years, and sell the equipment off. It may make for a funny mental image, but honestly, nothing could be further from the truth.





Legacy as well as newer models

In truth, most of the hardware we offer is newer models. While it’s true we carry quite a bit of legacy equipment to help anyone still using it to support their infrastructure, that’s certainly not the main part of our offering.

Our strength is helping organizations upgrade at a pace that makes sense for them. Rather than constantly being early adopters and always migrating to latest and greatest technology, we find that most organizations opt to upgrade at a more reasonable pace that keeps them within budget.

Constantly doing forklift upgrades every couple of years is expensive and time-consuming. With the economy having its own struggles, most organizations find it wise to utilize pre-owned hardware and gradually upgrade their infrastructures.

The advantages of pre-owned

The vast majority of the equipment we offer is from end-users who purchased it pretty recently. And the really great thing about pre-owned hardware is that most failures occur as DOAs or within 30 days of implementation.

This means that once that hardware is burned in and has been working flawlessly for a while, it is reliable throughout its lifetime. So you can get quality, reliable equipment that is fairly young in its lifetime for a price that is very budget-friendly.

And when you work with a reliable vendor, you can get an outstanding warranty that backs your investment and gives you long-term peace of mind.

Some examples

Don’t believe we really offer newer models? Check out some equal2new® products we recently ran specials on to see not everything we offer is older legacy equipment:



  • equal2new® HP PROCURVE 3500YL 48 PORT POE+ SWITCH (J9311A)

  • equal2new® NORTEL 5530-24TFD ETHERNET ROUTING SWITCH (AL1001E07E5)

  • equal2new® NORTEL IP PHONES 1220 (NTYS19BA70)

  • equal2new® CISCO CATALYST 3750X 24 PORT DATA LAN BASE (WS-C3750X-24T-L)

  • equal2new® CISCO UNIFIED IP PHONES 6941 (CP-6941-C-K9)

  • equal2new® AVAYA 1608 IP PHONES

  • equal2new® MITEL 5330 IP PHONES (50005070)


Now do you believe you can get newer models of pre-owned hardware to help you upgrade your infrastructure at your own pace? Good. Don’t think “old” when you think “pre-owned.” Instead, think of the opportunity to get quality technology at prices that work best for your budget.