Peeps in Jeeps: Joining Forces with equal2new Troops

Defending your investment to the fullest

You know it’s Springtime when the Peeps show up. This year, the beloved Peeps are lending a helping hand to our equal2new troops to help defend your technology investment.

The enemy? Downtime.

Yes, downtime can strike at any moment when you use inferior networking hardware, voice equipment or cabling. At CXtec, our troops don’t let that happen.

With equal2new certified pre-owned hardware, you get technology that has passed through a rigorous testing process and is backed by a 99.51% reliability rating and a lifetime warranty. Every equal2new product also ships with troops to be right there by your side defending your investment.

And now the Peeps are here to help, as well! Check out pics of Peeps in Jeeps below. Network failure will be a distant memory now that these two forces have joined together.

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