Organizations Save Staggering Amount of Money on Network Hardware

Companies of all sizes are trying to be more profitable and improve financial performance. The goal is not new. Maximize sales as much as possible. Control costs as much as you practically can. The IT world is no exception. Information technology has been called on to help drive business while controlling costs in every sensible way. Some companies and their IT professionals have really taken this notion very seriously.

Take a look at the following statistic:

Customers have saved $817,500,000 by opting to buy equal2new® pre-owned network hardware.

Customers Saved over$800 million on network hardware costs.

Equal2new is an exclusive brand of pre-owned network hardware with a 99.51% reliability rating and a lifetime warranty.

Just think about that for a moment. Think about the financial goals of businesses again.

(a) Maximize sales

(b) Control costs in every sensible way

Saving $817,500,000 is a big deal.

Think of how beneficial that number is for everyone involved.

Low cost network hardware - leverage your savings

Leveraging Savings for High Value Projects

IT teams are challenged with getting a lot done. Sometimes they are tasked with doing a lot while keeping budgets flat (or even reducing budgets). With huge savings on network hardware, an organization can use the savings wisely. The money saved can be applied to other business driving, cost control, or organizational efficiency projects. If you can get a pre-owned network hardware product that is as reliable as or more reliable than new at 50 to 90% off list price, why pay more? We understand that an upgrade doesn't always make sense for your business, that's why we provide Technology @ Your Pace®. Once the money is gone it’s gone. A low risk, low cost alternative to higher priced new hardware can be used strategically to optimize your budget.

The Kind of Cost Control That Makes C Level Executives Smile

When savings as significant as this can be achieved without taking on any more risk, any C level executive has no choice but to smile big and bright. It’s the C suite’s job to make the company profitable. Cost controls like this make their job easier. In short, it’s good for business. It’s that simple.

It’s Good for Your Customers

Let’s say a woman named Mrs. Brown owns a small retail store selling handbags. She wants to negotiate with her distributors and suppliers the lowest costs for the handbags she will offer her customers. She doesn’t want to pay more than she has to because Mrs. Brown doesn’t want to pass the costs on to her customer. She wants her prices to be as competitive as possible to provide maximum value to customers and help sell her handbags.

The same is true for other costs. Why would you pay more for your network hardware when you do not need to incur those costs? Why take on costs that you may have to pass on to customers?  That only makes you less competitive and less profitable.

Isn’t it more sensible to save money on network hardware costs? Then you don’t have to pass on those costs to customers, clients, and end users. When you can find a high quality product or service that has a proven record of reliability and performance at a fraction of the normal price, take advantage of it. In the long run it adds up and is great for your customers.

Not all savings are equal

This doesn’t mean to look for rock bottom prices all the time. Your network hardware is an investment. You want to invest wisely. When you have an opportunity to save money on your network hardware, make sure that the equipment is top quality and provides protection of your investment.  Otherwise, your initial savings may end up costing you more.

The message is to save money while purchasing high quality products with a proven track record. This provides benefits for everyone involved.