A Big Bang for Your Buck: Used Nortel Switches

Maybe you are one fo those "lucky" IT pros who have been tasked with doing more with less budget dollars.   2014 is coming and more people will be in this boat.  So, people are looking to switch things up.

Fortunately, not every IT pro works for an organization that requires the latest greatest hardware.  For many, they run older switches in their network and they work well for their particular business needs.  That leaves some plenty of good options to be resourceful and cost conscious for wise IT pros.  

Here's one thing you might consider to reduce hardware costs as budgets become more challenging.

Switch Things Up with a Nortel Switch

Nortel hardware really is kind of an unsung ally in the IT pro's aresenal.  If you have never looked into them, it's not too late.  There are some really great Nortel hardware providers out there.  Nortel switches deliver maximum reliability and resilience, to keep data and applications flowing smoothly even as the enterprise deploys new and complex technologies such as IP telephony, wireless LANs, and multimedia applications. Nortel switches also “secure the edge,” so new traffic patterns and increasing wireless access don’t compromise network security.

Of course, the best switches come with a high price tag.  Or do they? There are some great ways to reduce that price tag. Perhaps your company has not explored Nortel switches before because for whatever reason. The good news is,  with a little searching you can find a really save a bundle on Nortel switches.

As we say often, the best way to get more for less is by buying high quality pre-owned network hardware. More and more IT pros are seeing the benefits of switching to pre-owned network hardware.Keep in mind, however, that while many vendors offer what appears at first glance to be a great deal on Nortel switches, make sure you are working with the right vendor who will give you all the performance and reliability of new hardware with the added protection a lifetime warranty.