Know Your Source® For Assurance That You Get Quality Networking Hardware

We’ve recently been describing the benefits you get when you Know Your Source® who’s providing your equipment, and how they acquire it, you get a much better idea of the quality you’re receiving.

We told you how you can get the best value, and how it makes your job easy, now let’s talk about the assurance and peace of mind you get when you verify that your source is reputable.




A network hardware warranty is an indication of confidence.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing your networking vendor is providing you quality hardware, the first question you should ask yourself is, “How good is the warranty they’re providing?”

Quite simply, the warranty that vendors back their used network hardware with is a telltale sign of the confidence they have in their product. It is the symbolic culmination of the effort and pride they take in their offering. If it’s only a few months or even just a year, that should be a pretty good indication that they don’t have much trust in the equipment they’re providing you.

Ideally, you should look for a vendor that offers a lifetime warranty. Why not? If a vendor stands behind the process by which they refurbish the hardware, why wouldn’t they support it for life? At CXtec, we back our equal2new hardware with a lifetime warranty as a standard business practice.

If the network hardware refurbishing process is sound, the equipment will work reliably.

How can we back our equal2new equipment with a lifetime warranty? It’s simple. We employ a stringent, in-depth refurbishing process that that calls out all the stops. As yourself this question: What is your vendor’s refurbishing process like?

Does it consist of nothing more than plugging a device in and checking to see if it powers up? Maybe a quick Power On Self Test and that’s about it? Well, that just doesn’t cut the mustard.

At CXtec, we have trained, certified technicians putting every unit through a meticulous process. Hardware arrives at our  70,000 square foot, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected facility and we put it through its paces. Our testing procedures are thorough and exacting; we physically fix and clean each device so that it looks brand new; then we use the most sophisticated technology available to ship it safely to our customers.

It is because of this dedication that we can provide our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

This wasn’t meant to be nothing but a commercial for CXtec and equal2new. We simply used ourselves as an example of the assurance you could be receiving from our your used networking hardware vendor. Asking yourself, and your current vendor, a few simple questions will help you Know Your Source and get you closer to the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting top-notch quality hardware.