NBA All-Star Game Delivers Seamless Connectivity Thanks to Cisco Switches

 Cisco Seamless ConnectivityWe may be a few months past the NBA All-Star game this year, but sports fans everywhere are still in awe of the fact that Toronto Raptors Terrence Ross nailed the Slam Dunk Contest, becoming the only other Raptor to win the Slam Dunk Contest besides Vince Carter. And who could forget Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh getting bested by the all star players twice off of the same move?

Well thankfully, those who were actually in the Houston Rockets’ Toyota Center for the 10 th annual sporting event and those watching from the comfort of their own homes didn’t have to forget anything. That’s because the Rockets did their homework to make sure that communication and network speed were seamless throughout the weekend.

Just weeks before the All-Star tipoff, after noticing that the center’s wiring closets had seen better days and were prone for outages, the Rockets decided to update their network with 50 new Cisco switches, designed to help the stadium enjoy high availability and reliability.

“We initially planned for an incremental rollout, but for the sake of making sure all aspects of the All-Star Game were covered, we decided to fast-forward the timeline,” explained Okpara Young, the Rockets’ director of IT and telecommunications, in a recent article. “We had two weeks to install and configure the equipment. It’s still a blur. We were in the office nonstop for a week and a half. It felt like one long day, but we got it done.”

From the concession stands to the scoreboards to the ticket kiosks to the cameras responsible for live streaming, there is not a facet of the NBA All-Star weekend that does not rely on the stability of the network. And, with tens of millions of fans turning in live to view the game and 18,000 other individuals front and center for the action, the pressure was mounting. The Rockets chose to deploy the Cisco Catalyst 2960S-series switches for the arena’s wiring closets.

Fortunately, Cisco switches are touted for their network reliability, security and high bandwidth capabilities. According the technology manufacturers, Cisco switches deliver “ extraordinary business value” to networked organizations of all sizes by marrying extensible platforms with intelligent services. Some chief benefits of Cisco switches include the following:


  • Superior investment protection

  • Enhanced security and compliance

  • Ability to accommodate business and IT shifts

  • Enhanced access and service levels

  • Reduced energy costs and resource consumption