More Cisco Haiku

In a previous post, we shared some Cisco haiku.   They were fun, so we decided to share a few more.


So let's get right to it.










Cisco Haiku











Well rested admin

Just set it and forget it

Cisco for the win


When data connects

harmonious work force lives

in distant concord


Cisco never fails

Makes my networking easy

More time on Youtube



Invaluable info

Cisco wins the world!


Never needs replaced,

Cisco gear runs forever.

Plug-in, walk away


We hope you enjoyed the Cisco haiku.   We had a good time.  We play on doing more fun contests and activities like this in the future. Stay tuned.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.  Just drop us a line here or give us a shout on Twitter, tell us you read this post, and give us your suggestion.