Managing Healthcare Facility Mobility and IP Phone Costs

Doctors & HIT If you are in healthcare or health information technology (HIT), you understand how important mobility is to healthcare organizations. Your healthcare facility needs mobility to take patient care to the next level.

Doctors, nurses, and assistants have to be easily contacted and notified at a moment's notice. In today's healthcare world, people's health and life depend on it.

Wireless IP phones are an ideal means to do this, but it can be expensive to get your hands on them. However, there is help. There are ways to alleviate the high costs of wireless IP phones and related mobility hardware costs.  

Know All Your Options & Do Your Homework

It's important for you to know the high reliability of pre-owned wireless IP phones and other network hardware. Most people operate on assumptions when it comes to their hardware. They order equipment without understanding the shocking truth about hardware failures. (You should really read this linked article.)

Therefore, it's highly probable that many of you are spending more money than you should while exposing yourself to unneeded risks of failures and stressful problems.

If reliability, performance, and affordability are improtant, you owe it to yourself to explore the option of top quality pre-owned IP phones or working with a reliable hardware provider to help you reduce your costs while solving your specific challenges.

Relaibility and Affordability. It's Possible!

Whether you need Cisco 7925G IP phones, Nortel WLAN 6140 handsets, or Avaya 3645 Wireless IP phones, there's a great chance you can get fantastic deals on these phones. That means saving big and getting superb reliability.

Affordabilty. Performance. Reliability. That's what healthcare organizations need. You can get it all three if you do your homework and work with the right partner.

CXtec has vast experience working with healthcare facilities. We have a dedicated healthcare team. If you have any questions or want to discuss a challenge you are having please contact us.