Microsoft XP End of Support is a Learning Opportunity

The day is upon us. 

Support for Microsoft XP will be ending. 

There are a lot of people yanking their hair out because of this end of support.  

Organizations invest in technology. It could be hardware. Or it could be software like Windows XP. These investments are vital. These organizations rely on this technology to get the job done and achieve goals.

Therefore when IT professionals and C-level executives hear an announcement like the end of Microsoft XP, it is a cause for concern if XP is what you are running. Organizations love smooth, efficient uptime. They hate low performance and downtime. With this in mind, support for investments becomes a big deal to a lot of people.

The Big Challenge

When a technology company, like Microsoft, decides that they will no longer be supporting the product or service you invested in, it can be a challenge. Everyone understands that companies want to move forward and stay on pace (or ahead of the trends) to solve problems for their customers. So they need to end support for legacy products eventually. 

However, sometimes these end-of-support dates may force a company or organization to change. This change may be forced on the organization at a time when business needs haven’t changed enough to merit the time, labor, and costs associated with a new migration forced on you by a vendor.

Microsoft’s end of support for XP may force a company to use resources on this change instead of some other business-driving initiative. As anyone can see, it can be a tricky balancing act.

A Teachable Moment

Yes, there are many concerned about the end of support for Microsoft XP. Others are flat-out freaking out. That makes this a good opportunity to learn a lesson.

While end-of-support dates can be a challenge with key products and services, there are some ways to reduce the stress and adapt to the changes. First off, it’s important to remember that these kinds of end-of-support announcements will happen and being prepared is alwats vitally important. Second, there are options.

There are companies out there who can provide support for products even after the end-of-support date. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all products and services. But any assistance you can get in this area can be a big help.

For instance, take a look at network hardware. Companies like Nortel, HP, and Cisco will announce end-of-support dates. While you need to know the implications, there is no need for panic. There are companies out there who will help support the hardware even after the end-of-support date. 

Companies that offer alternatives and options usually specialize in high quality secondary market equipment. The equipment is significantly more affordable than new, out-of-box equipment. They offer impressive warranties. Plus, a few offer reliable hardware replacement services at up to 60% less than the manufacturer even after the end-of-support date

CXtec is one of these companies that offers support for network hardware ever after end-of-support dates. This is part of our approach to keeping networks up and costs down. This kind of support is part of our values. It’s important that we help our clients have technology at their specific pace and business needs.

Anticipate, Prepare, and Keep Your Options Open

The bottom line is that organizations want to use technology to support and drive business according to their particular goals and circumstances. That said, it’s important you look ahead and don’t get caught off guard by end-of-support announcements.

In addition, it’s wise to plan and prepare for such events. One way to prepare is to be open to options and alternatives. Having options is powerful. It allows you to be flexible and resourceful. This translates into success.