Know Your Source® and Get More Value from Your Network Hardware Test

For years, we at CXtec have advised customers, and anyone doing research, to Know Your Source® when it comes to buying used network hardware. Even in this blog, countless times we’ve advised you to only work with “reputable” networking hardware vendors.

But how do you know what a “reputable” vendor is? What benchmarks should you be looking for? We asked ourselves the same questions and have decided to share what, in our decades of experience, we find are important standards you should keep in mind when selecting a refurbished networking hardware vendor. This is how you truly Know Your Source.

The first factor we’re considering is value, but there are several more that we’ll address in the future.

Value is more than just costing less.

You’ve probably heard vendors say, “Our hardware is cheaper than the rest.” Hey yeah, that’s great and all, but shouldn’t your follow-up question to that statement be, “Why?” If a vendor is inexplicably much cheaper than the competition, that should actually raise some red flags for you.

How well could they possibly be refurbishing their network hardware if their price is so low? Do they really have anyone who knows what they’re doing handling it? Did it fall off the truck at some point? Heck, is it even authentic OEM product? So, ultimately, can you really trust it?

Good Price + Quality = Value

Ok, the equation above oversimplifies the situation a bit, but you get what we’re saying. It’s not enough to just charge the lowest price. It’s about charging a low price, while still delivering quality product. After all, paying a low price isn’t very valuable to your organization at all if that cheap product isn’t reliable and doesn’t actually work for you.

Take CXtec for example (yes, we’re using ourselves as an example!), and consider the lengths we go to in order to provide our customers value. We’ve developed a meticulous certification process that is carried out by certified technicians with years of experience. Because of this, we can provide a 99.51% reliability rating on our certified pre-owned equal2new equipment, yet still price it up to 90% off list. Not only do we offer a great price, we also provide reasonable assurance that you’re getting quality equipment that’s going to work for you.

But isn’t there also value in ROI?

So you’ve gotten what you feel is a good price for your refurbished networking equipment, but what about the hardware you’re already using in your current infrastructure? It’s absolutely imperative to get value back for that. When you can get cash, credit or trade from your networking hardware vendor for the equipment you already have, then you can maximize the return on your current investment. Plus, you’d have the convenience of working with one partner you can trust instead of losing more time working with separate companies on a separate deals.

Finding a cheap price for the used networking hardware you need is easy. It really is. There are lots of shady vendors out there willing to charge you next to nothing, but can you really trust their product? Finding quality vendors who offer your organization real value though, that can be a bit more challenging. But if you follow a few common sense guidelines you can reap real rewards.

Now that you've read a few tips, you'll find it much easier to Know Your Source for networking hardware.