Kick Some Assets and Optimize Network ROI

Sometimes we get more than we bargain for. Like in the morning, when right after shoveling your driveway, the city snowplow drives by and gives you some fresh snow to dig out. On the other hand, when you get so much more value out of what you paid for, you know you made the right decision. 

Like getting a great price on the perfect steak that just melts in your mouth. Much like that perfect steak, it comes down to knowing how to get the most out of what you buy. The same approach can apply to your network, making your daily grind smoother and giving your budget some relief.

A poor running network can be a resource-draining weakness; however, one that’s optimized can be a powerful ally and asset. Speaking of assets, understanding asset recovery is an important part of getting the highest possible value out of your network investment. Not only is it important, but asset recovery is one of the most effective ways to get the most ROI out of every piece of equipment you’ve ever bought.

Get Your Assets in Gear 

Think about what’s happening right now in your data center and network closets. As you upgrade your equipment, you’re left with surplus that needs to find a new home. Not getting the highest value for these devices, or letting them sit idle too long, is like throwing away money. And that’s a real kick in the asset.
If you have any surplus networking technologies that you’re looking to sell, it’s time to put those investments back to work the right way. Using these products as valuable trading parts with a reputable reseller can help stretch that budget you’re working so hard to protect. 
Think about this scenario: Michael Dorn hasn’t played Star Trek TNG character Lieutenant Worf in years, but he’s still bringing in some solid income through residuals. You can make the decommissioned parts of your network do the same for you. There are just a few considerations to keep in mind as you’re doing so.

The Right Way

Proper handling of your used IT assets helps you boost ROI and extend your budget. When selling your surplus, look for a vendor that will:

  • Offer maximum value
  • Handle shipping logistics
  • Clear your proprietary info
  • Return your equipment to factory defaults

This is a great way to start. Tech Republic provides a few other ideas here.


A good asset recovery strategy will also keep your areas clutter-free, and we can all use that. Whether you’re moving a pile of unused equipment to get to your data center or you’re in the middle of showing Jim from accounting how a flash drive actually works, spend some time thinking about how you can get a little more money for unused equipment. You bust your asset every day for your company and your network, and asset recovery is a great way to provide additional support and reinforcement for your budget and your department.

At CXtec, we like helping our clients kick asset. We believe in being advisors and consultants to our clients, not just vendors.