Just How Manageable is Your Data Center?

We recently discussed getting optimum performance and design for your data center. The concept of proper design leading to optimum performance carries over to getting ideal manageability as well.

But getting good manageability is not just about having a data center that is “easy to use.” Getting a repeatable, scalable data center is imperative. It must make moves, adds and changes quick and easy, and it has to be future-proof.

So what are some good rules of thumb to keep in mind when designing a manageable data center?

Ask for proof.

Be sure to ask your cabling provider for documentation about their product’s performance not only the first time it’s plugged in, but the hundredth time. It’s one thing for a cable to work well at the point of factory assembly testing, but the rigors of the real world data center need to be accounted for.

If you plug and unplug your cables several times, are you certain that their performance won’t be compromised? A good cabling provider should be able to provide documentation that their product will continue to work no matter how many plug-ins you put it through.

Speeds change, connectors change, things change…

Connector types and speeds change frequently. Make sure your system is scalable and can grow and change as quickly as you do.

In a recent survey we held of data center executives, we found that 53% of respondents planned to adopt technologies such as data center fabric (i.e. Fibre Channel over Ethernet) and higher speeds like 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet within the next 24 months.

Implementing technologies like these, with such high throughput rates, requires that your data center be scalable and capable of expanding to handle newer hardware and cabling.

Getting the technology you need

If you’re looking for a provider that offers a scalable, future-proof cabling and hardware solution for your data center, then CABLExpress has what you need. The experts at CABLExpress can help you design the most efficient data center possible that meets and exceeds TIA-942 standards.

The Skinny-Trunk Solution features:

  • Maximum insertion loss of 0.25 for MTP® and 0.15 for LC

  • Products factory terminated and tested to ensure performance

  • Exceeding standards for repeatability and loss

  • Quality that will perform for generations of hardware to come


Give us a call anytime to learn the benefits of having industry-leading technology in your data center.