IT Careers - 2 Points to Consider

IT professionalsFew are denying that the economy and unemployment are a concern for many people out there.   So, it's a good idea to put some thought into your IT career.   You want to stay sharp. You want to keep bringing value to your company. Most important you want to keep your job and progress in your career.


Here are 2 simple points to consider for the long term in your IT career that will help you stay at the top of your game.

Maintain a professional appearance

This one is a touchy subject for some people.  People bring up the point that the important things in IT and many other industries is skills, performance, and results.  Hey, those are good points.  Most people you talk to will agree with that point.  However, time after time studies show that professional image matters. Not only do they matter, they matter quite a bit.

So, what's the lesson?  A wise man once pointed out that you have to live in the world as it is.  Sometimes you have to put aside those things you think should be and live in the world that is.  That's just reality.

Do some people do very well in careers without the slightest concern for professional image?  Sure, I bet there are some out there. Good for them. I hope they are happy.  If that isn't you and you are looking to have a stable and prosperous long term track record as an IT pro, then why not use this information to your advantage?  Put a little extra effort in building a professional image and it could be a real ally for you in the long run.  After all, good habits lead to good things.

The kids are coming! The kids are coming!

That's right, folks. The kids are coming. In a recent survey kids say they are more interested in a career in IT and technology than entertainment and other careers that are traditionally popular among kids.  That means means you need to stay sharp.  IT is one of those careers where you had better keep up with the changes and trends.  When you are in IT,  you need to be learning continually.  That's going to be even more relevant in coming years.

Kids will be introduced to technology at an early age and grow up with it.  Nothing about the technology will seem foreign or alien. It wall all seem perfectly natural for them.  Those young people interested in the technology will have the time and tools to learn as much as they'd like at a pretty rapid rate.

This is nothing to panic about. It's just something you should keep in mind.  It's not like some science fiction where an army of clones designed to be perfect IT pros are being grown in a lab somewhere.   Actually,  IT pros do have an advantage.  They were around before the human race became infatuated and nearly dependent on the mobile devices.  Some young people have trouble with the social skills side of business.  Since experienced IT professionals understand (or should understand) the human side of the industry it can be a big plus.  Also, it doesn't hurt if you focus on the point above.

IT aint easy.

IT can be a challenging and rewarding career.  It will continue to grow more popular and competitive as people become more interested in the technology and the financial opportunities.  If it's your craft, stay sharp and build a professional image.   These things will serve you well.