Introducing CABLExpress® 10G to 40G Conversion Modules

There’s a recurring issue for folks converting to 40G. Their QSFP transceiver utilizes 8 fibers, while their MTP® trunks are terminated with 12 fibers. Those four leftover “dark” fibers can be a real sticking point for some people. They simply don’t want to have fibers in their cabling not passing traffic.

Our experts at CABLExpress came up with the ideal solution to this problem. Our new 10G to 40G conversion modules aggregate the two MTP® ports (24 fibers) in the back into three 8-fiber MTP® ports in the front, equaling those 24 fibers.

The Benefits

These conversion modules have many benefits for your structured cabling system:

  • Allow for seamless transition to 40G network speeds

  • Maximize usage of your fiber

  • Ensure proper light path

  • All fibers factory-terminated and pre-tested to ensure simple plug-and-play installation

  • Eliminate the need for high-cost and low-performance field termination

  • Integrate seamlessly into a recommended TIA-942 structure cabling design

  • Utilize CABLExpress enclosure footprint (H-Series, RSD and LRE)

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


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