Information Technology Career Trends in 2014 & Beyond

So far 2014 has shown that it has lots in store for technology professionals, including some rapid job growth in the IT industry according to a recent report from In a survey of 860 technology-focused hiring managers and recruiters, nearly three-quarters reported they are planning to hire within the next six months or so. The fact is, the IT industry is growing at a rapid pace and more IT professionals will be needed to staff it over the coming year.

Advances in network and data center technologies are at the forefront of the IT job boom.

Users continue to demand more speed and greater access. Big Data floods networks and presents unprecedented challenges in terms of productivity, functionality and security.

Faced with these demands, many companies will be looking to upgrade infrastructure and make the move to fiber optics. This will create many new IT jobs at all levels.

For example, the advent and widespread adoption of fiber optic cables is creating many new opportunities in the information technology field. Fiber optic cables are designed to handle large amounts of high-speed data. They also take up less space and are more efficient than traditional cables.

Deploying and maintaining fiber optics takes skill and know-how, particularly in the areas of data center design, cable management, data center infrastructure, and troubleshooting. As more organizations turn to fiber optic cables in an effort to meet today’s burgeoning data demands, a host of IT professionals must be ready to step up and take on new jobs.

As IT jobs grow more numerous, visible, and integral to the operations of the entire organization, IT professionals will be increasingly called upon to take on new jobs.