Information Technology + Online Learning = Game Changers

Online learning is changing the world.   It's true.   Sure, online learning  may be in its youth, but it looks like it will continue to grow.

This doesn't just mean traditional education institutions offering classes online.   Online learning is evolving, adapting, and finding niches.

Salman Khan, Creator of Khan Academy of Online LearningWhen you take information technology and combine it with the concept of online learning the possibilities are endless.

It seems like new ways of learning online are popping up everywhere.   Here's just one example I bumped into by accident.  A recent news article announce free online  information technology classes through a Tampa Bay work force group. But there are tons of examples.

There is Khan Academy, a classic example of the new age of online learning.  Just watch this presentation by Salman Khan on TED Talks and you'll be amazed at the story and what is possible.

There is where you can learn to code for free.  That's just cool.   You can go at your own pace and learn according to your wants and needs.

Then there is a best selling author, economist, and historian who decided to start his own online classroom to teach history and economics.


Online learning comes in many forms.

There is an economics website that has taken all of its books and offered them to the public in both text and audio form.   For someone interested in learning economics, this is an incredibly valuable source of information. For example, I was talking to somebody at work about how I have used Youtube as a way to learn how to do car repairs and home projects.

When you think about it, the entire internet is a source of online information, so the web in itself is a huge online learning resource.  So, as you can see, online technology and online learning are game changers.

This is good for those people who like to learn and grow.  The online learning age provides a huge variety of ways to learn and improve yourself.



Once again, the world owes thanks to the IT world for online learning.

It also means that ambitious and enterprising individuals can use online learning to increase their competitiveness in the workplace.  IT professionals would be wise to tap into the many resources out there to help them expand their skills and knowledge.