An Unknown Risk IT Pros Take With Their Networks

IT budgets are tight and it seems that data center needs and available technologies shift daily. When it’s time for an upgrade or a change to the network, what kind of equipment do you choose?

A new Cisco switch or a used one?

Once upon a time, pre-owned equipment came with a stigma attached.

Here were some of the myths:

  • It wouldn’t work right.
  • It wasn’t certified or guaranteed.
  • It was out of date.

These concerns addressed time and again and have, indeed, been proven to be myths.

Used Network Hardware = Less Risky

Buying new network hardware could be one of the biggest risks IT pros take.

In fact most network hardware failures occur within 30 days of installing new out of box hardware.

New equipment is more expensive. It may have been pushed out to the market quickly, without adequate testing or quality control. Sometimes production on new equipment runs into problems or certain models sell out, so you have to wait a long time for what you need.

Plus, manufacturing new equipment puts a strain on the environment and uses a lot of resources, a concern for companies trying to be “green.”

Used network equipment, on the other hand, doesn’t just cost less. It’s also a better value. Quality pre-owned network hardware providers carefully test and refurbish used network hardware and certify that every piece is in top shape and prime working order.  In addition, they have reliability ratings that are equal to or better than new (For instance, CXtec equal2new products come with a 99.51 reliability rating), so IT professionals know they are getting equipment that will work right out of the box and keep working for a long time to come.

Used equipment has been tested and tried in the real world of the data center, and you’re not increasing your company’s environmental impact by investing in new technology or trashing a system that’s still entirely functional. Instead of overextending your network equipment budget in 2014, consider buying used.