Huge Benefits From High-Quality Fiber Enclosures

Have you ever seen those photos of cable nightmares? You know the ones. They are the photos with cable spaghetti from floor to ceiling. When we see them we can’t help but chuckle.

It’s a shock to our system. We know cables aren’t supposed to look like that. They are supposed to be the opposite of those photos. Yet, sometimes keeping the cables organized and well managed gets away from people.

The move toward structured cabling has made having a high-performance, organized, easily managed cabling infrastructure. You might notice the vast majority of those cable spaghetti photos involve point-to-point cable systems. If you aren’t familiar with structured cabling, check out this free whitepaper. 

An important piece of a structured cabling system is having the right enclosures for your fiber cables. Having fiber enclosures that work for your environment can provide several benefits.

What to Look for in Quality Fiber Cable Enclosures

Choices and Options – Look for enclosures that are available in 1U, 4U, 6U, 10U, and 12U. In addition, look for vertical and horizontal mounting configurations. This will allow you to emulate any switch configuration. Your patch panel and switch will look similar. Organized, logical, and easily managed. Nice.

Port Density – Quality fiber enclosures offer the kind of port densities you want. Good use of space is fundamental to organized, well-managed cable environments.

Flexibility – Like most IT solutions, you want flexibility. Change happens. That’s life. You better be able to adapt quickly, friends. For instance, features like adapter panels and modules make things much easier when changes and upgrades take place.

Low dB Loss – This speaks for itself. With increasing speeds and shrinking loss budgets, you want enclosures that give you ultra-low dB loss components.

Great Warranty – A good warranty always offers a layer of protection and lets you know that the company you are buying from is willing to back up their product. If you can, get a lifetime warranty.

When you stop and think about it, these benefits are huge. None of these benefits should be taken for granted or overlooked.

Let’s face it. It’s all built on layer one. Your physical layer is the foundation that all the most mission-critical applications are built upon. Therefore, that foundation needs to be rock solid. It’s recommended you implement a structured cabling system that will save your organization time and money over the long haul. High-quality fiber cable enclosures can make a big difference and offer plenty of benefits.