HP ProCurve Switch Users Should Consider Pre-owned

If you are in IT or familiar with the network hardware game, you know the name HP ProCurve. Organizations and ProCurve users have been sticking with HP ProCurve switches for a long time. It’s no wonder why. There are plenty of reasons.

  • An established name in the industry
  • Long, proven track record
  • Reliability
  • The proper switching solution for certain companies and organizations
  • A favorite choice of the education vertical
Are Used HP ProCurve Switches Right For You?

If you are an HP ProCurve user you might want to consider going pre-owned. There’s a good chance they might be a good fit. As you read on you will see why. It’s a matter of looking at your objectives and circumstances. Then weigh them against what benefits pre-owned HP ProCurve switches offer you. 

So, what benefits do used HP ProCurve switches provide?
  1. Low Cost – You can save big going pre-owned. IT departments are being asked to more with less. This can be a big help. The money you save can be applied to other budget areas.
  2. High Performance – The performance of quality pre-owned switches is just like new. Once your ProCurve switch gets “burned in,” so to speak, it will be a work horse.
  3. Great Warranty – HP is known for their impressive warranty program. The good news is that you can get fantastic warranties buying pre-owned, as well (up to a lifetime warranty).
  4. High Reliability – This shocks some, but with quality hardware providers you can get reliability rates that match or surpass the manufacturer. (Learn more about the truth about network hardware failure.)
  5. Low Risk – Because of all of the above, pre-owned HP ProCurve switches are really a low risk investment with a ton of upside.
The Right Partner Makes the Difference

There are many who offer to sell used HP ProCurve switches. Of course, just about anyone can do that, right? However, a top quality pre-owned network hardware provider is so much more than that. 

A quality pre-owned hardware provider should be the following:

  • Established name in the industry
  • Proven track record
  • Reliable
  • Able to offer the proper switching solution for your specific needs
  • Expertise
  • Support
  • Work with real people who really care

If you are looking to leverage your budget dollars to maximize their impact on your organization, it is worth your time to explore the option of using pre-owned HP ProCurve switches. If it’s new to you and you want to get comfortable with the idea, buy one to test the reliability and the hardware provider. Once you see that the quality and experience meet your needs, you can do more if you like.