How to Get Optimum Data Center Performance the Right Way

Every now and again, we’re not above tooting the horn of our data center cabling and hardware manufacturing division, CABLExpress. We talk to customers all the time about how they’re looking for top throughput speeds and high-performance in their data centers.

But what we find is that many times they fail to take into consideration some pretty fundamental principles and considerations that can greatly improve their overall data center performance. That’s where our CABLExpress division is really strong.

Understanding what makes it all work

Think about this statistic: 65% of system outages are related to cabling. That’s according to an AFCOM: Data Center Institute/Gartner estimate. That number really astounds people when they first see it. Many folks spend so much time worrying about hardware, getting that latest and greatest switching technology, that they completely overlook the cabling that connects it.

Gone are the days of simply saying, “A cable’s just a cable.” That adage no longer holds true (not that it ever did). With today’s advanced, fiber optic technology, cables are being tasked with carrying a whole lot of info at the speed of light. Now more than ever, your cabling has to be of the highest quality. It’s just as important as the hardware it’s connecting.

The CABLExpress difference

When you’re talking about fiber optic technology, performance is a key factor in how long a fiber cabling assembly will last in a data center. As speeds increase, loss budgets decrease - the higher the speed, the less tolerance for loss there is. One key measure of performance is optical loss, which is measured in dB.

The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution helps you increase performance and get the lowest dB loss in the industry. It allows you to meet and exceed cabling standards.

Check out the Skinny-Trunk Solution performance features:


  • Maximum assembly loss for MTP® is 0.25dB, for LC is 0.15dB, for modules is 0.4dB

  • Products factory terminated and tested to ensure performance

  • Exceeding standards for repeatability and loss

  • Quality that will perform for generations of hardware to come


The key to performance

CABLExpress continues to lead the industry in dB loss with the Skinny-Trunk fiber optic cabling system. As data centers grow and adopt next-generation networking technologies, fiber network cables must be able to support stricter loss requirements. CABLExpress provides the high-performance fiber optic cabling solutions necessary to meet these requirements so that data centers can be ready for these changes.

So if performance is a priority in your data center, be sure to keep CABLExpress in mind the next time you’re thinking of a move, add or change.